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Other Chart Types
used for the legend, while the values in the Legend Entries (Series) box contain the values
that are plotted in the chart and are not in the legend.
Figure 13-15 You can edit the source data for any series or rearrange the order of series and
categories in this dialog box.
When you open the Select Data Source dialog box, it positions itself so that the upper left
corner of the chart’s data range is visible.
To edit an individual data series, select it in the Legend Entries (Series) list and then click the
Edit button. The Edit Series dialog box, shown here, shows you which cell is being picked up
as the series name and which range is the data series. In both cases, you can see the current
values to the right of the Collapse Dialog button and the equal sign.
If the series you select is part of a scatter (XY) chart, the Edit Series dialog box contains
separate boxes for Series X Values and Series Y Values.
The Add button opens the same Edit Series dialog box, with no data source selected. Click
to ill in the Series Name and Series Values boxes with valid ranges and then click OK to
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