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Other Chart Types
add the new series to your chart. The Remove button completely removes the selected data
series from the chart. Use the Move Up and Move Down arrows (to the right of the Remove
button) to change the order of the selected data series in the list. (You cannot change the
order of cate gories here—do that by using the Axis Options tab in the Format Axis
dialog box.)
Some of your data series are missing or contain incorrect values
In some cases—notably when using stock charts—Excel warns you if the data you’ve
selected is inappropriate for the chart type. But in other cases it blithely allows you to
continue without a hint that anything is wrong. A pie chart, for example, can display
one and only one data series—a single row with multiple columns, or a single column
with multiple rows. But if you select two or more rows from a table, Excel adds the
selected data as individual data series but plots the pie chart using only the first series
in the list. Likewise, a scatter chart requires exactly two numeric series. If either series
contains any text values, they are plotted as zeros and distort the chart. If the results
are not what you expect, verify that the number of series and their respective data
types are supported by the chart type you’ve selected.
With a chart that is embedded on the same sheet as the source data, you can edit chart
data directly, using color-coded handles that surround the corresponding source data. If
you click to select the entire chart, selection handles appear around all values listed in the
Chart Data Range box. If you click to select a data series in the chart, the handles appear
around the source cells and ranges associated with that series. Figure 13-16, for example,
shows the result when we select the third and final series in a clustered column chart.
Category axis labels
Data series values
Markers show selected
Series name
Figure 13-16 The ScreenTip confirms the name of the selected series, and the color-coded
selection boxes show the series name and values and category axis labels.
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