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Highlighting Trends and Variations in Data
the number 10 in the Top 10% and similar options. You can change that value or
percentage to a different number if you prefer.
Data Bars This option adds a small bar (a longer bar equals a higher value) to
each selected data cell, using one of a half-dozen solid or gradient options. These
bars show up as a live preview in the selected data so you can see the effect before
you make it final. Note the ScreenTip, which explains, tersely, what the thumbnail
Color Scales This option applies colored cell backgrounds to the selected range
by using two or three colors in a range that is defined by the data itself. The
GreenYellow-Red option, for example, uses green for the lowest values, red for the highest,
and yellow for everything in between. The actual number of shades used is much
more than two or three, with darker shades representing the extremes of higher and
lower values.
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