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Chapter 14: Excel 2010 Inside Out
above columns and to the left of rows. These two settings are saved on a per- worksheet
basis. Clear the Formula Bar check box to hide the formula bar, the Insert Function button,
and the Name box. The latter setting is saved with the current workbook and affects all
worksheets. The Ruler check box is available only in specialized views, as we explain in the
Troubleshooting note later in this section.
You’ll find a few extra settings in the Excel Options dialog box. Click the File tab, click
Options, and then click the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Display section, where you’ll
find the two groups shown here.
If you’re obsessed with the idea of a clutter-free screen, you can clear the first three check
boxes in the top group to hide the scroll bars and sheet tabs for the current worksheet. If
you also double-click the current tab to hide the ribbon and leave only the tab names, you
can create a view that will satisfy even the most diehard minimalist.
Excel won’t allow you to remove the ruler
For most worksheet views, the Ruler check box (in the Show group on the View tab) is
selected, and the option to remove the check mark is dimmed and unavailable. What’s
the problem? Check your view. The ruler isn’t needed in Normal view, and thus it’s not
available to hide. It’s only visible in Page Layout and Page Break Preview modes, where
it’s shown by default. Switch to either of those views to clear the Ruler check box.
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