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Setting Up Office
Setting Up Office
Setting up Office is generally a straightforward process that requires little input from you
and in which you’re aided by plenty of on-screen guidance. In this section we describe
three methods for procuring and installing Office:
Installing from retail media (sometimes referred to as full packaged product ), such as
a boxed copy you can buy at a bricks-and-mortar store or from an online merchant
that ships merchandise
Using Click-to-Run, which is a service that allows you to purchase Office online and
begin using it almost immediately
Upgrading from Office Starter, a reduced-functionality Office edition that’s included
on many new computers
In addition, we explain the process of upgrading from an earlier version of Office.
INSIDE OUT Install Office throughout your organization
Microsoft provides tools and information that make it easier to install multiple
copies of Office. You can push customized versions of Office to computers over the
network, for example. The Microsoft Office 2010 Resource Kit provides details; you
can download the Resource Kit from or view the content online
at . Note that much of the information pertains primarily to use of
volume-licensed editions of Office.
Installing from Retail Media
Installing a full version of Office 2010 from a retail boxed copy (or from its online
equivalent, a downloaded executable installation file) is similar to the one used for previous
versions of Office and other programs—except with fewer steps and less interaction required.
Start the installation by running the Setup program on the installation DVD (or by
running the downloaded installation file). If you want to take the shortest path to a completed
installation, in the first dialog box that appears, enter your product key and click Continue;
review the license terms, click the acceptance check box, and click Continue; click Install
Now (see Figure 2-1); wait a bit and, upon completion, click Close. Type a few characters
and five clicks—and you’re done.
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