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Splitting, Freezing, and Locking Panes
In some worksheet designs, you might want to lock specific rows or columns into position
so that they are always visible as you scroll through the data in the worksheet. This
configuration is especially useful when your data range is taller or wider than the visible poriton of
the screen and you want to keep labels visible as you move through the worksheet. In this
example, we froze Columns A and B into position. As we scroll to the right, the intervening
columns disappear temporarily (see how the column headings jump from B to Q?), but the
row labels remain visible so we don’t lose our place.
Freezing panes properly takes a little bit of practice and a trip to the Freeze Panes menu on
the View tab. If your labels are in the top row or first column only, the procedure is simple:
click Freeze Panes and then click either Freeze Top Row or Freeze First Column. The new
configuration takes effect immediately regardless of which cell is currently selected.
To freeze multiple rows and/or columns, you must first select the cell that is immediately
below and to the right of the rows and columns you want to freeze. Pick a cell in the first
row if you want to freeze only columns, or pick a cell in the first column if you want to
freeze only rows. To freeze columns A and B as we did, click to select cell C1 and then click
Freeze Panes. To freeze column A and rows 1 and 2, select cell B3 first.
To restore normal worksheet scrolling, click the Freeze Panes menu again and choose the
first option, Unfreeze Panes.
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