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Creating Custom Cell Formats
mmmmm Displays the first letter of the month. Most useful in chart axes where you can
easily differentiate between January, June, and July, or between March and May, by
yy, yyyy Year, in two-digit or four-digit format
h, hh, m, mm, s, ss Hours, minutes, or seconds. Use a two-digit format to add a leading
zero when necessary. To display time with extra precision, add a decimal point and
extra digits: h:mm:ss.00.
[h], [m], [s] Show elapsed time (rather than time of day) in hours, minutes, or seconds. Use
this type of format when you’re performing calculations using times. On a worksheet
where you enter start and finish times for a worker’s shift, this format allows you to
show the total time for payroll calculations.
A/P, AM/PM Show the AM/PM indicator. If you omit this code, Excel uses 24-hour time
format: 18:15 instead of 6:15 PM.
Text Format Codes
To display text in a cell that contains numbers, Excel includes a selection of special format
codes. Use this type of format to add a word or phrase, such as YTD to indicate year-to-
date totals or shortage after a negative number. You must enclose the text in quotation
marks. The format changes the displayed results but does not alter the contents of the cell.
As a result, formulas that reference that cell continue to work.
Remember to add a space inside the quotation marks to separate the text from the
numeric value, as in this example:
$0.00" Profit";[Red] $0.00" Loss"
A positive value appears in the default text color, like so: $150.00 Profit . Negative values
appear in red, with the word Loss appended.
You can add the space character, a plus or minus sign, an apostrophe, open and close
parentheses, and any of the following special characters without enclosing them in double
quotation marks:
$ / : ^ ! & ~ { } = < >
In addition, you can use any currency sign, including $. To enter alternative symbols, use
the Symbol command on the Insert tab, or hold down the Alt key in combination with
numeric codes from the numeric keypad: ¢ (Alt+0162), £ (Alt+0163), € (Alt+0128), and
¥ (Alt+0165), for example.
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