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Finding, Editing, Moving, and Copying Data
Finding, Editing, Moving, and Copying Data
Much of the work of building a workbook involves moving data between cells, ranges, and
worksheets. For everyday cutting, copying, and pasting, the Clipboard is more than
sufficient, especially when you discover some of the lesser-known options in the Paste Special
menu and the Find And Replace dialog box.
For an overview of common cut, copy, and paste techniques, see “Using the Clipboard with
Office Programs” on page 129. For a discussion of common search and replace tools, see “Find-
ing and Replacing Text and Formatting” on page 136.
INSIDE OUT Quickly copy the cell above
To copy the contents of the cell above the active cell, press Ctrl+' (single quote). If the
cell from which you’re copying contains a formula, this shortcut copies that formula. To
copy the value from the cell above, press Ctrl+Shift+" (double quote). If the cell above
contains a formula, the copy in the active cell consists of the text or value that is the
result of that formula.
Knowing a few keyboard shortcuts can save you some time. Ctrl+F (or Shift+F5) opens the
Find And Replace dialog box with the Find tab selected. Ctrl+H displays the same dialog
box with the Replace tab selected instead. You can close the Find And Replace dialog box
and repeat the last Find by pressing Shift+F4. That obscure shortcut is worth memorizing
if you regularly search through long tables where the search results might return hundreds
of rows.
To learn about an expert tool that lets you find and select in ways that aren’t possible with
the Find And Replace dialog box, see “Navigating with the Go To Dialog Box” on page 481.
Using the Clipboard to Transform Data
You can use the Paste Special dialog box in Excel, shown next, to perform some interesting
and useful on-the-fly transformations. Under the Paste heading, for example, you’ll find a
Values And Number Formats option that allows you to paste the results of a range full of
formulas into a new location.
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