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Figure 14-4 You can handle virtually all print setup options in Backstage view. You can’t,
however, change headers and footers or adjust page breaks.
INSIDE OUT Pick the right shortcuts for printing
If you regularly print worksheets, you might want to add a shortcut to the Quick Access
Toolbar. Click the arrow to the right of the toolbar, and you’ll see two shortcuts
available from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu. Which should you choose? We
don’t recommend the Quick Print button. Although the name is tempting, the result
might be an unwelcome surprise. Unless you have specifically defined a print area,
Quick Print sends the entire current worksheet to the default printer, beginning with
cell A1 and extending down and to the right, to the furthest area that contains data or
formatting. The better choice is the Print Preview And Print button, which takes you
to the Print tab in Backstage view. There, you can double-check all settings, look at
the preview to ensure it’s laid out the way you want, and click Print when you’re ready.
Yes, it’s one extra click, but it can save you half a ream of wasted paper over time, not
to mention avoiding the need to reprint the job the right way. Oh, and regardless of
what’s on the Quick Access Toolbar, you can always press Ctrl+P to jump straight to the
Print tab in Backstage view.
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