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Adjusting Page Breaks
When you define a print area, Excel saves its exact location as a named range. If you
add rows or columns to the print area later, the named range is not updated. You need
to clear and then redefine the print area to include the newly created data.
To delete the named Print_Area range on the current sheet and start over, click the Clear
Print Area option on the Print Area menu on the Page Layout tab.
Adjusting Page Breaks
When you print a worksheet, Excel automatically (and mechanically) inserts page breaks at
the point where each page runs out of printable area. For large, complex worksheets that
span multiple pages, you can and should position page breaks by hand. The easiest way
to do this is to click the Page Break Preview button (in the Workbook Views group on the
View tab). Excel displays dashed blue lines to indicate its automatic page breaks, with
oversize page numbers to show the order in which pages will be printed.
In Page Break Preview, dashed lines indicate automatic page breaks inserted by Excel; solid
lines represent manual page breaks. To adjust page breaks in this view, point to the thick
line between two pages and drag it in any direction. To adjust the print area, drag the solid
lines on any edge of the print area; cells that are not in the print area appear gray. Figure
14-5 shows one worksheet after some manual adjustments.
Page Break Preview works best if you start at the top of the worksheet and work in the
order it will print—normally from top to bottom and left to right, unless you used the Page
Setup dialog box to specify a different order. Move page breaks up or to the left only;
moving them down or to the right can cause unpredictable results if you drag past the size of
the page as defined by the paper size.
You can also add page breaks manually. Select the cell below and to the right of the cell
that you want to print in the lower right corner of a particular page. Click Breaks (in the
Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab), and then click Insert Page Break. To add a
horizontal page break, select any cell in column A; to add a vertical page break, select any cell
in row 1. To remove the page break, select the same cell, go back to the Breaks command,
and click Remove Page Break.
To remove all manual page breaks from the current worksheet, click Reset All Page Breaks
on the Breaks menu.
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