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Adjusting Page Breaks
Figure 14-5 The solid lines indicate manual page breaks. The dashed line (on the far right of the
worksheet) was set automatically by Excel.
INSIDE OUT Add extras to your printout
The Page Layout tab includes a wide range of options that allow you to change the
margins, orientation, paper size, and other settings that overlap with those on the Print
tab in Backstage view. A handful are unique. The most likely options you’ll want to
change here are potentially confusing. For example, in the Sheet Options section, you’ll
find View and Print options for Gridlines and Headings, which let you control the
onscreen and printed settings separately:
Gridlines For final output, consider hiding gridlines and using borders to set off data
Row and column headings Most of the time you want to hide these portions of the
worksheet structure. The exception is when you want to print out your
worksheet so you can study its structure. Showing headings allows you to quickly
locate cell addresses for editing.
Print Titles This option is in the Page Setup section of the Page Layout tab. If your
worksheet data spans multiple pages, specify that you want column and row
labels to appear on every page of your printout. Identify the headings using cell
addresses in the Rows To Repeat At Top Of Each Page or Columns To Repeat At
Left Of Each Page boxes.
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