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Using Data Validation to Control Data Entry
And here’s what that input message looks like in a worksheet window.
Finally, use the Error Alert tab to specify what should happen when you (or someone
else using a worksheet you created) enters invalid data. You can replace the generic and
unhelpful error message with one that offers advice on how to correct the input. If the
data type is wrong or the value is outside a permitted range, you can refuse to accept the
input at all. For values that are outside the normal range, you can display an error alert that
forces you to double-check the value to be sure your inger didn’t slip and add an extra
zero, converting $40 into $400.
On the Error Alert tab, choose one of three options from the Style box:
Stop produces a dialog box with a red X and Retry/Cancel/Help buttons; the user
cannot save the invalid entry.
Warning displays a dialog box that lets you accept the data despite the warning.
Information displays a message but accepts the data as soon as you click OK.
As with the Input Message tab, you need to enter a title and text. In both cases, the Title
box accepts up to 32 characters, and the message can be up to 255 characters. Here’s an
error alert message under construction:
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