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Our Favorite Excel Tweaks and Tips
And here’s what the Warning dialog box looks like when it’s triggered by an attempt to
enter an invalid value. Note that the text you enter in the Title box appears in the title bar.
To remove data validation rules, open the Data Validation dialog box, and click Clear All.
Your worksheet contains invalid data
Data-validation rules prevent users from typing invalid data. Unfortunately, users can
enter data that fails the validation criteria by pasting it from the Clipboard or by
entering a formula whose result is invalid. In addition, data validation rules are not applied
retroactively to existing cell contents.
To find cells containing invalid data on the current worksheet, click the arrow to the
right of the Data Validation command on the Data tab and click Circle Invalid Data.
Excel draws a bright red oval around any value that fails a validation rule. Edit those
cells so that they pass validation and then try again. To remove the red ovals, choose
Clear Validation Circles from the same menu.
Our Favorite Excel Tweaks and Tips
This section covers a grab bag of interesting tips and techniques that go well beyond the
basics but can improve your productivity tremendously.
Changing Default Formatting for a New Workbook
When you create a new workbook without using a template (by starting a new instance
of Excel or pressing Ctrl+N, for example), Excel uses the default workbook settings. That
defines the number of worksheets, the default font and font size, and so on. To customize
these defaults, open the Excel Options dialog box and adjust the options under the When
Creating New Workbooks heading on the General tab, as shown next.
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