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Generating Random Numbers
Figure 14-8 For short lists, click in the List Entries box and type entries in order, pressing Enter at
the end of each one. Use the Import button to copy longer lists from a worksheet range.
To ill in a custom data series, type any entry from the list in a cell and use the ill handle
in the lower right corner to ill the range you select with the remainder of the list. To sort
using a custom list, follow the procedure in “Sorting a Range, Region, or Table” on page 398.
In the Sort dialog box, select Custom List from the drop-down Order list, choose the
custom list you want to use, and click OK. This example sorts a table by values in the Region
column, using our custom list of regions as the sort order.
Generating Random Numbers
When you’re building a worksheet, it sometimes helps to be able to plug in sample data to
verify that your formulas work properly with a wide range of input values. You could just
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