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Installing from the Web with Click-to-Run
A button with a white background indicates that all subcomponents are set the same way
as the displayed component; a gray background indicates that one or more
subcomponents have an installation setting that’s different from the displayed component. For each
component, you can select one of three settings by clicking the arrow next to the
component’s name:
Run From My Computer Select this option to install the component (but not any
of its subcomponents) on your computer’s hard drive.
Installed On First Use If you select this option, the component won’t be installed
on your computer until you attempt to use the component. At that time, Office will
need access to your Office DVD or the installation file from which you ran Setup.
Not Available Select this option for each component you don’t plan to use or
For items that contain subcomponents, a fourth option is available: Run All From My
Computer. Choosing this option is equivalent to expanding the item and selecting Run From My
Computer for each subcomponent.
On the File Location tab, you can specify the folder where you’d like to store the Office
program files. Unless you have unique requirements, it’s best to use the default location—a
subfolder of Program Files or Program Files (x86)—because it inherits appropriate
protections that allow access by all users while preventing inadvertent (or malicious) changes to
the Office program files.
The User Information tab provides a place to enter your name, your initials, and the name
of your organization. Office uses this information to enter your name in a document’s
properties (to identify you as the author, for example), to tag review comments with your initials,
to put your organization’s name in a predeined header or footer in printed documents,
and other similar purposes. If you don’t perform a custom installation, Office asks for this
information the first time you run an Office program.
After you’ve made your settings on each tab of this dialog box, click Install Now (or
Upgrade if you have an earlier Office version installed) to complete the process.
Installing from the Web with Click-to-Run
When you purchase Office 2010 online directly from Microsoft, Microsoft uses Click-to-Run
to download and install Office. This method uses virtualization in a way that lets you begin
using Office programs almost immediately as they are streamed to your computer.
During this process, you need to remain connected to the Internet to run Office programs, but
upon completion a cached version of Office is fully installed and you can use it ofline.
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