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What’s in a OneNote Notebook?
What’s in a OneNote Notebook?
The basic organizational unit of OneNote is the notebook. When you create a new
notebook or open a saved one, its icon and name appear in the Navigation bar on the left of
the OneNote window, with the hierarchy of sections (and, optionally, section groups) shown
in an indented list below the notebook icon and in tabs along the top of the contents pane.
Selecting a section displays its contents in the page tabs bar on the right. Selecting a page
from that list displays it in the contents pane. To begin adding your own notes, pictures,
and web clippings, you can rename the default section and page or start adding new
sections and pages of your own.
Figure 15-1 shows an open notebook containing five sections, with five pages in the open
Page title Search box
Navigation bar Section tabs Page tabs bar
Figure 15-1 This notebook is arranged into five sections, shown in tabs on the left and on top;
select a page from the current section using the list on the right.
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