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Creating and Opening OneNote Files
To create a new notebook, click File, and then click New. Follow the three-step process
shown in Figure 15-2 to choose where you want the notebook files stored, and then click
Create Notebook to create the new notebook files and begin working immediately.
Figure 15-2 The name you enter in step 2 here is used as the display name for your new
notebook and as the name of the new folder where its files are stored.
In this chapter, we assume you’re creating and storing the new notebook locally (choose
My Computer in step 1). The default location for all new notebooks is the OneNote
Notebooks subfolder in the Documents folder of your user profile. You can specify an alternative
location in the Location box.
The text you enter in the Name box under New Notebook is used as both the folder name
and the display name shown in the OneNote Navigation bar. After you create a notebook,
you can change its display name at any time without affecting the original folder name. To
do so, right-click the notebook name in the Navigation bar and click Rename. That opens a
dialog box like the one shown in Figure 15-3, which also allows you to change the location
or format of the notebook.
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