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Creating and Opening OneNote Files
Choosing the Right OneNote File Format
With OneNote 2010, Microsoft has changed the file format used for OneNote section
files. When you create a new notebook in OneNote 2010, your files are automatically
saved in the new file format. If you intend to share notebooks with people who are
still using OneNote 2007, or if you want to preserve the ability to open those files on
another computer using the earlier version of OneNote, you need to explicitly choose
the alternative format.
To convert a notebook from OneNote 2007 format to OneNote 2010 format (or vice
versa), right-click the notebook icon in the Navigation bar and then click Properties.
Click Convert To 2010 or Convert To 2007 (the option for the current format will be
unavailable). Note that this conversion can be made only on the entire contents of a
notebook. When you make the conversion, the format you choose becomes the new
default format for sections within that notebook.
When you move a section from one notebook to another, OneNote automatically
converts it to the default format of the destination notebook. If you use Windows Explorer
to manually move a section file saved in OneNote 2007 format to a notebook whose
default format is OneNote 2010, the older format is preserved, and you see an
information bar warning you of potential incompatibilities when you open that section.
If you choose to save a notebook using the older OneNote 2007 file format, the
following features are affected:
The math equations feature is unavailable, and any existing equations are
converted to static images.
Context links (linked notes) and version information are permanently removed.
Subpages are preserved but can no longer be collapsed in the pages tab list.
The contents of the OneNote Recycle Bin for that notebook are permanently
In addition, you must use OneNote 2010 format to save a notebook in a Windows Live
SkyDrive folder or on a SharePoint site so that you can open and edit the notebook in a
web browser using the OneNote Web App.
OneNote 2010 allows you to open a notebook saved in OneNote 2003 format, but that
notebook is opened in read-only mode. If you convert a notebook from OneNote 2003
format to either OneNote 2007 or 2010 format, the conversion is permanent and
cannot be undone.
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