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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
You don’t need to manually save OneNote files. OneNote automatically saves your work
every 30 seconds and when you close a notebook or the program itself. If you’ve just made
a large number of changes and you want to force a save instead of waiting for the next
automatic save, press Ctrl+S.
The Save As menu allows you to export or share notebooks, pages, and sections in a variety of
formats, as we explain in “Printing, Publishing, and Sharing Notes” on page 566.
Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings,
and More
Every time you type, paste, or otherwise insert a new item on a notebook page, OneNote
creates a note container for that item. Note containers can hold text, pictures, audio and
video clips, handwriting, and clippings from a web page or from the screen. The initial size
of the container matches the size of the object you’re creating or inserting; if you click
and begin typing, a new note container is created immediately and explands in width and
depth to accommodate your input.
Note containers are normally invisible. To see the container, move the mouse pointer over
its contents, click to select the contents, or position the insertion point within the container.
Figure 15-4 shows a note container, with the pointer positioned over the Move handle at
the top. Click and drag the handle to move the container and its contents to a new position
on the page. Click the Move handle to select the entire container so that you can cut, copy,
or delete it and its contents. Click the sizing handle in the upper right corner to make the
container wider.
We can’t understand why anyone would want to hide note containers permanently, but
if you do, there’s an option for that: click File, and then click Options. On the Display tab,
clear Show Note Containers On Pages.
INSIDE OUT Merge or split note containers
If you’ve typed or pasted text into separate containers on the same page, how do you
merge them into a single container? Simple: click the Move handle on the second
container to select its entire contents. Then, hold down the Shift key as you drag that
container into the first one. When you see the contents of the second container snap into
position in the first container, release the Shift key. To split text in a single container
into two discrete containers, select the text you want to move into a new container and
drag it outside the original container. When you release the mouse button, OneNote
creates a new container, which you can then work with independently.
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