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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
move it up, down, left, or right. In the example shown here, the mouse pointer is to the
right of “Christopher Marlowe,” so the Move button appears to the left of that line.
INSIDE OUT Add a date and time stamp to any text
At the top of every notebook page is a title, and beneath the title is a date/time stamp
that shows when you created that notebook page. If you use a notebook page to
collect random thoughts over a period of weeks or months, you might want to stamp
individual note containers with the date and time. The secret? Before you begin typing
a new note, right-click at the point where you want the text to appear. At the bottom of
the shortcut menu, click the menu option that lists your name and the current date and
time. That information appears as the first line in a new note container, ready for you
to begin adding your text. To insert just the current date, use the keyboard shortcut
Alt+Shift+D. To insert the current time, press Alt+Shift+T. To insert both the date and
time (without your name), press Alt+Shift+F.
You can format any text on a OneNote page as a list using bullets or numbering. List
formatting applies to the current paragraph or, if multiple paragraphs are selected, to all
paragraphs in the selection. If you’ve used list formatting in Word or PowerPoint, you already
understand the basics. OneNote adds a few twists to simple lists.
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