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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
To choose a bullet character and immediately apply it to the current paragraph or selection,
click the arrow next to the Bullets button (on the Mini toolbar or in the Basic Text group on
the Home tab). The selection of characters in the Bullet Library (shown here) is fixed and
cannot be customized.
To format the current paragraph or selection with the most recently used bullet character,
click the Bullets button or use the Ctrl+period keyboard shortcut. To automatically add a
standard bullet character (a big black dot) at the beginning of the current line, enter an
asterisk at the beginning of the paragraph.
Numbered lists work in similar fashion. To begin a simple numbered list, start with a
number or letter followed by a period, a closing parenthesis, or a hyphen; then press the
Spacebar. You can choose from an assortment of ready-made numbering and outline
formats using the Numbering Library (shown next), which is available by clicking the arrow to
the right of the Numbering button on the Mini toolbar or in the Basic Text group on the
Home tab.
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