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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
As with automatic list formatting in other Office programs, pressing Enter continues the list
formatting in the next paragraph. To end automatic formatting, press Enter twice.
For more details on list-formatting techniques used in Word, see “Working with Bulleted and
Numbered Lists” on page 240. For instructions on customizing numbered lists, see “Our Favorite
OneNote Tweaks and Tips” on page 572.
You can add a simple table to any page in OneNote, using its rows and columns to arrange
data that doesn’t lend itself to simple paragraphs. OneNote tables offer a basic set of
features and formatting options, far simpler than those found in Word or PowerPoint.
When the insertion point is within a table, OneNote makes a custom Layout tab available,
as shown in Figure 15-6. (The same options are also available if you right-click anywhere
within the table.)
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