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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
If you use OneNote tables regularly, you can save some time by learning a few keyboard
shortcuts in addition to the Tab and Enter keys. To create a new column to the left or
right of the current column, press Ctrl+Alt+E or Ctrl+Alt+R, respectively. To create a new
row below the current one, even if the insertion point is in the middle of the row, press
Ctrl+Enter. To create a new row above the current one, move the insertion point to the
beginning of the row and press Enter. To begin a new paragraph in the same cell, press
Pictures it nicely in OneNote pages, either alone or accompanied by text. To add a picture
to a OneNote page, you can paste it from the Clipboard or click Picture on the Insert tab
and then choose an image file.
What happens next depends on the destination you select. If you choose an empty page
as the target for the paste, OneNote drops the picture into a note container, resizing the
image if necessary so that its height is under 400 pixels, with the insertion point positioned
just below the picture, awaiting your caption. If you insert another picture, it appears in the
current note container at the insertion point. However, if you click an empty space, outside
a note container, and then insert a picture into a page that already contains at least one
item, the pasted picture appears at its original size with no note container. In either case,
you can resize the image using handles on the bottom and right sides; use the handle on
the lower right corner to preserve the picture’s aspect ratio. To resize any image to the full
dimensions of the original file, right-click the picture and then click Restore To Original Size.
For a complete picture of how to work with photos and illustrations in Office 2010, see
Chapter 6, “Working with Graphics and Pictures.”
OneNote treats each picture as if it were a paragraph, so you can move it up and down
with text (or other pictures) in a note container. You can also paste or move a picture into
a table, as we’ve done in Figure 15-7. After you insert the first image and resize it to it the
column width and row height, pictures you paste into other cells are scaled accordingly.
OneNote can recognize text in pictures and use that text for searches; we explain how this
works in “Our Favorite OneNote Tweaks and Tips” on page 572.
Web Clippings
OneNote and Internet Explorer work exceptionally well together. As you browse, you can
collect snippets of text, images, or entire pages for insertion into a notebook page. The
mechanics are simple: make a selection (skip this step if you want to save the entire page)
and then click the Send To OneNote button on Internet Explorer’s Command bar.
Alternatively, you can right-click a selection or an entire page and then click Send To OneNote
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