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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
from the bottom of the shortcut menu. Choosing this option opens the Select Location In
OneNote dialog box, where you can specify a section or page as the destination.
Figure 15-7 You can insert pictures into a table on a OneNote page. After you scale the first
image, OneNote handles the remaining images.
A web page doesn’t look right when you send it to OneNote
Although the process of sending a web page to OneNote is easy, the results are not
always what you’d expect. In particular, heavily formatted web pages often translate
poorly onto a OneNote page, with text lowing in an unreadable fashion and tables
rearranged haphazardly. If that happens, click the Undo button and try either of these
Select the most important portions of the web page and try to send them
individually to your OneNote page. You’ll lose the overall design, but that might not
matter if you’re mostly concerned with content.
Use the Send To OneNote 2010 option on Internet Explorer’s Print menu to send
the entire page or a selection to OneNote as an image. You lose the ability to
copy or edit text on the resulting item, but you are certain to get an accurate
(and readable) representation of the page.
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