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Filling a Notebook with Text, Pictures, Clippings, and More
you to enter additional text. You can use this feature to keep notes about a meeting or to
record details of your history with a contact, as shown here.
You can create new linked items in Outlook directly from OneNote as well. We discuss the
tight connections between the two programs in “Using OneNote with Outlook” on page 547.
File Attachments
You’ll find an Attach File button in the Files group on the Insert tab. When you click that
button and select a file from the Browse dialog box, OneNote embeds the selected file and
displays its icon and name on the page. The file attachment is an independent copy, not
linked to the original file in any way. Changes you make to the original file are not reflected
in the OneNote attachment, and vice versa.
Attaching a file to a notebook is a good strategy when you want to preserve the file for
historical purposes with your notes, or you want to make sure it’s always available with the
notebook, even if it’s deleted from the file system or e-mail message from which it
originated. For a document that you want to continue editing, especially with other members
of a team, the preferred strategy is to create a link in OneNote to a file stored in a shared
network folder or in Windows Live SkyDrive.
For more details about creating links to files, see “Using Links for Quick Connections” on
page 530.
During installation, OneNote adds a virtual printer to your Windows Devices And Printers
folder. When you choose this “printer” as the output from any program (including a web
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