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Formatting Text
browser or another Office application), OneNote creates an image of the file as it would
appear on paper and inserts that printout on a page you select. You can also create a
printout from a file or use the output from a scanner—both options are available in the Files
group on the Insert tab. Use this if you want to preserve the formatting of an original
document or web page.
There’s a subtle but significant difference between the two techniques for adding a
printout to a OneNote page. If you use the virtual Send To OneNote 2010 printer, your printout
appears on the page you select, without any links to the original document. In addition,
you can choose which page (or pages) you want to include on the OneNote page. When
you click File Printout on the Insert tab and select the same file, OneNote adds the selected
file to the current page as an attachment, with a link to the location of the original
document. It then opens the associated program in the background, creates the printout, and
inserts the printout below the file attachment.
Formatting Text
Regardless of its original source, any text on a OneNote page can be formatted using the
same tools you use elsewhere in Office. The Basic Text group on the Home tab contains
common formatting options, giving you the capability to select a font, change font size and
color, and add character attributes such as bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough
formatting. You’ll also find the Format Painter button on the Home tab, in the Clipboard group.
Most of these options are available on the Mini toolbar as well.
For an overview of common text formatting techniques in Office 2010, see “Applying Text
Formatting” on page 123.
As in Word and PowerPoint, you can apply some character formatting without making
a selection first. If the insertion point is in a word, for example, and you press Ctrl+B or
Ctrl+I (or click the Bold or Italic button), your formatting is applied to the entire word. To
apply formatting to a phrase or sentence, you have to select the text first. One formatting
shortcut you’ll find only in OneNote is a toggle to apply or remove strikeout formatting:
The Ctrl+A (Select All) keyboard shortcut works a bit differently in OneNote than it does
in the rest of Office. If the insertion point is within a paragraph, pressing Ctrl+A selects the
entire paragraph. Press Ctrl+A again to select the entire contents of the current note
container, and press the combination once more to select the contents of all note containers
on the current page.
If you’ve used indenting to create an outline, you can select the current paragraph and all
its subordinate paragraphs by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+hyphen.
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