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Formatting Text
Unlike previous versions, OneNote 2010 allows you to automatically select from a small
group of ready-made styles to apply to text. The list, shown here, includes six heading styles
as well as predeined styles for page titles and some common types of body text.
Styles on this list are applied to all text in the current paragraph, regardless of whether any
text is selected. In addition, Word users will appreciate that some common style-related
keyboard shortcuts work just as well in OneNote. Use Ctrl+Alt+1 through Ctrl+Alt+6 to
apply the Heading 1 through Heading 6 styles, and use Ctrl+Shift+N to quickly convert all
formatting for the current paragraph to the built-in Normal style.
There’s no keyboard shortcut for the built-in Page Title style, but it’s worth noting that
Ctrl+Shift+T jumps to the page title and selects all text there. You can apply any text
formatting to all or part of a page title; if you are unhappy with the results, reapply the Page
Title style.
The bad news about OneNote styles is that the formatting associated with this list cannot
be customized, nor can you add your own styles to the list.
INSIDE OUT Apply highlighting quickly
If you want portions of text on a page to stand out, use the Text Highlight Color button
to apply a fluorescent yellow background (use the drop-down arrow to choose a
different color). You can also use either of two keyboard shortcuts to highlight the current
selection using the last color you selected: Ctrl+Alt+H or Ctrl+Shift+H. Note that this
highlight applies formatting to the text itself and is not the same as the highlighter pen
we describe in “Ink” on page 504. That pen creates a graphic image of the highlighter ink
that can be used over a printout, a picture, or text.
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