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Working with Sections and Section Groups
using Windows 7, you can open a new OneNote window by holding down Shift as you click
the OneNote taskbar icon.
If you prefer keyboard navigation to mouse clicks, here’s how to switch to a different open
notebook. Press Ctrl+G to move the focus to the first open notebook on the Navigation
bar. Press Tab to move down the list of open notebooks (use Shift+Tab if you go too far and
want to move back). When you see the selection highlight on the notebook you want to
open, press Enter.
Working with Sections and Section Groups
OneNote displays the names of all sections for all open notebooks in the Navigation bar.
(Click the up arrow to the right of the display name to collapse the list of sections for a
notebook; click the down arrow to show the contents of a previously collapsed list.) You can
also see a list of section tabs for the current notebook along the top of the contents pane.
Click a tab to switch immediately to that section. To move quickly between sections in the
current notebook, in order, press Ctrl+Tab (use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move through the
sections in reverse order).
The simplest way to create a new section in the current notebook is to click the Create A
New Section button (the asterisk) at the rightmost edge of the section tabs at the top of
the contents pane. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. In either case,
the new section’s default name (New Section 1, for example), is selected so you can start
typing immediately to replace it with a descriptive name. To rename a section, double-click
its tab and begin typing.
New sections are automatically added to the bottom of the section tabs list. To change the
order of sections, drag tabs up or down. You can also drag sections out of one notebook
and into another to move them. Hold down the Ctrl key as you drag a section to make a
copy in another notebook. If you prefer using dialog boxes for move and copy operations,
right-click the section name and choose Move Or Copy from the shortcut menu. Choose a
section from the list of open notebooks, as shown in Figure 15-10, and then click Move or
Copy to complete the operation.
You can also combine the contents of two sections using the Merge Into Another Section
option on the right-click shortcut menu. Choosing this option has the same effect as
moving all pages out of the first section and into the second one and then deleting the first
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