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Using the OneNote Recycle Bin
Figure 15-11 Click Insert Space and drag down to add new space above an existing note
As in OneNote 2007, you can create subpages that are indented beneath a main page. For
notebooks saved in OneNote 2010 format, these subpages are linked to the main page.
The group can be collapsed or expanded and can be selected and moved or copied as a
group. To create a new subpage below the current page, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N
To increase or decrease the indent level of the current page tab (or a group of adjacent
page tabs), click and drag right or left, or right-click and use the shortcut menu options
Make Subpage and Promote Subpage. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+]
(right bracket) and Ctrl+Alt+[ (left bracket) to increase or decrease the indent.
Using the OneNote Recycle Bin
When you delete a page or section from OneNote, the object doesn’t actually disappear for
good. Instead, OneNote moves the object to that notebook’s Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin, a
new feature in OneNote 2010, is stored in a special folder called OneNote_RecycleBin. This
folder is added to every notebook you create using the OneNote 2010 file format; if you
convert a notebook to OneNote 2007 format, this folder is deleted immediately.
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