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Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page
When you delete a section from a notebook, the entire section file is moved to the
OneNote_RecycleBin folder. When you delete one or more pages, those pages are moved to
the OneNote_DeletedPages file, which is stored in OneNote Section format in the
OneNote_RecycleBin folder. To recover deleted pages or sections, right-click the notebook icon
in the Navigation bar, and then click Notebook Recycle Bin. In this read-only notebook,
you’ll see all pages and sections you’ve deleted in the past 60 days. (An information bar
appears at the top of the contents pane to alert you that you’re working in the Recycle Bin.)
Figure 15-12 shows the Recycle Bin folder for the Travel notebook. It contains two deleted
sections (Czech Republic and Vacation Research) and an indeterminate number of pages
in the Deleted Pages section. Note the Read-Only label in the title bar and the information
bar that indicates you’re working in the Recycle Bin.
Figure 15-12 To restore a previously deleted section or page, right-click the section tab (above
the contents pane) or the page tab, click the Move Or Copy option, and select a destination.
Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page
By default, every new OneNote page starts out with a bland white background and no
adornment. You can change the appearance of a page in a variety of ways—some for
purely aesthetic reasons and others, such as rule lines, for practical effect. In this section, we
discuss the main customizations you can apply to a page.
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