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Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page
OneNote 2010 includes an assortment of templates that incorporate many of the
customizations we discuss in this section, and you can save your own templates as well. For details, see
“Saving and Using Custom Page Templates” on page 575.
Page Title
The page title box appears at the top of every page in a fixed location, with a date and time
stamp below it that (initially, at least) indicates when the page was created. Any text you
enter as the title on the page is also used as a label on the page tab.
As far as we’ve been able to determine, there’s no technical limit on the number of
characters you can include in a title. From a practical standpoint, however, shorter is better;
remember that the main purpose of a title is to provide a label in the page tabs bar.
By default, all page titles are formatted as 17-point Calibri. You can change the font, font
size, and color of a title. You can also add hyperlinks, tags, and just about any other type of
formatting that’s applicable to text. This sort of custom formatting might be useful if you
intend to print a notebook page or save it as a PDF file for sharing; just remember that the
page tab label does not reflect any formatting.
You can’t change the position of the date/time stamp just below the page title, nor can you
add your own text to it. You can, however, change the date and time. This option is useful
if, for example, you create a page in advance of a meeting so that you can keep minutes
and want the date and time stamp to reflect the actual starting time. Click the date field
to expose a calendar control (like the one shown here) and choose a date. Click the time
stamp and use the clock control to choose a new time. Use the Today button to insert
today’s date from the calendar. The clock control initially displays the current system time;
the list of available alternate times is limited to round values, on the hour and half-hour.
For some pages, such as those that include design sketches or diagrams, you might prefer
to have no title. In addition, any Side Notes you create are added to the Uniled Notes
folder with no title. Click Hide Page Title (in the Page Setup group on the View tab) to
remove the existing title and date/time stamp and hide the page title box.
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