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Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page
Don’t be misled by the wording of the Hide Page Title button. When you click that
button, it permanently deletes the current contents of the page title box and replaces
the page tab label with the first recognizable text on the page. If you want to keep the
page tab label, copy the page title to the top of the page before “hiding” the title.
We discuss the best way to use the Uniled Notes section in “Expert Organizational
Techniques” on page 542.
Page Color
The default background color for every notebook page is white. You can adjust this color to
one of 15 pastel alternatives using the Page Color menu on the View tab, as shown here.
To remove the background color from an existing page, click the No Color button at the
bottom of the Page Color menu.
Rule Lines
Adding rules or grid lines to a page can help with a variety of note taking and drawing
tasks. To add a default set of rule lines (including a vertical red line in the left margin, just
like the one on a yellow legal pad), click the Rule Lines button on the View tab. You can
change the default lines by clicking the down arrow and selecting from an assortment of
rules and grid sizes on the Rule Lines menu.
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