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Customizing the Look and Feel of a Notebook Page
To adjust the color of rule lines from their default light blue to one of 17 alternatives, use
the Rule Line Color list on the Rule Lines menu.
You can show or hide rule lines as needed for a specific task. If you’re using a Tablet PC to
take notes, for example, you might use rule lines to help keep your notes from creeping up
or down the page and then hide them for reviewing later. Likewise, you can use grid lines
to initially position images on the page. To toggle the display of rule or grid lines using the
keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+R.
If you prefer to use rule lines for all new pages, you can choose a set of rule or grid lines
and then set it as the default. The easy way to accomplish this task is to click Create New
Pages With Rule Lines at the bottom of the Rule Lines menu. This has the same effect as
selecting Create All New Pages With Rule Lines on the Display tab in the OneNote Options
dialog box.
Background Image
In addition to background colors, you can choose a single image to use as the background
of a page. This option works best with an image that has been specifically created (or
edited) for use as a page background. The ideal image has strong elements limited to the
top and left margins and soft or faded image elements in the body of the page, where they
won’t adversely affect readability of the page contents.
For examples of pages that use background images effectively, see the discussion of page
templates in “Our Favorite OneNote Tweaks and Tips” on page 572.
To add a background image, first insert the image on the page and position the picture
in the upper left corner, making certain it is not enclosed in a note container. Then
rightclick the image and choose Set Picture As Background. To remove a background image,
first clear the Set Picture As Background option, click to select the picture, and then press
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