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Personalizing the OneNote Interface
To restore the Navigation bar and the page tabs bar to their normal widths, click the
Expand Navigation Bar shortcut (the arrow just above the first notebook name) and the
Expand Page Tabs arrow above the shrunken page tabs bar. In their expanded form, you
can adjust the width of either element so that they use less space on a notebook computer
or take advantage of the extra desktop real estate on a large monitor. Aim the mouse at the
border between either element and the contents pane until the pointer turns into a
twoheaded arrow, then drag in either direction to widen or narrow the Navigation bar or page
tabs bar.
The other personalization options available for the main OneNote interface allow you to
change on which side of the screen the Navigation bar, the page tabs bar, and the vertical
scroll bar appear. Some OneNote users find it easier to navigate, for example, by moving
the page tabs bar to the left side so that the contents of a section appear next to the
section tab itself. To adjust this setting, open the OneNote Options dialog box (click File, and
then click Options), click the Display tab, and select Page Tabs Appear On The Left.
The other significant personalization option involves the OneNote icon in the notification
area. We discuss its settings in more detail in “Customizing the OneNote Taskbar Icon” on
page 573.
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