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Chapter 16: Tagging, Organizing, and Finding Information
throughout a notebook (or a group of notebooks) and gather them into a single pane. That
step makes it easy to find all the to-do items on your list, every snippet of research you’ve
tagged as important, or ideas you’ve lagged for discussion with your partner.
Figure 16-1 shows a simple list containing six items, three of which have been tagged.
The page title has been tagged as well. The Tags Summary pane on the right side of the
OneNote window shows the results of a search for tagged items in the current notebook.
The icons to the left of items in this list indicate they’ve been tagged. The Tags
Summary pane on the right includes tags from multiple pages.
Figure 16-1
For more details on how the Tags Summary pane works, see “Finding Tagged Notes” on page
You’ll find a lengthy list of predeined tags, arranged in an arbitrary order, in the Tags group
on the Home tab. Only three tags are visible at any one time on the ribbon, with the most
recently used tag and its two closest neighbors in this short list. You can scroll through that
tiny window to view the entire group, three tags at a time, or click the arrow to reveal the
entire list.
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