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Applying and Removing Tags
Applying and Removing Tags
To apply a tag to a paragraph, click anywhere within the paragraph and then click an entry
on the Tags menu. (It doesn’t matter whether any text is selected; the tag is applied to the
entire paragraph.) You can apply up to nine tags to a single paragraph. For example, you
might apply the Critical, To Do, and Project X tags to an item so that it appears in your
search results if you look for any of those tags. Remember that images live in note
containers as paragraphs, so you can tag an image just as easily as a snippet of text.
INSIDE OUT Use numeric shortcuts for your favorite tags
If you look to the right of the first nine tags on the Tags menu, you’ll notice that each is
assigned a numeric shortcut, Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9. To apply one of these nine tags to
the current paragraph, press the keyboard shortcut assigned to it.
So how do you change the shortcut for a given tag or assign a shortcut to a tag that
currently doesn’t have one? The answer is simple, if not exactly intuitive: open the
Customize Tags dialog box and use the Move Tag Up and Move Tag Down buttons (indi-
cated by up and down arrows) to move your tags into the correct position. Whichever
tag you move to the top of the list is assigned shortcut Ctrl+1, with the tag in the next
position getting Ctrl+2, and so on.
You can also access the Tags menu by right-clicking any paragraph and choosing Tag from
the shortcut menu. Use the cascading menu to select a specific tag, or click Tag to apply
the most recently used tag.
To remove a tag from the current paragraph, click the Remove Tag option at the bottom of
the Tags menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0. You can also right-click the tag icon
and click Remove Tag on the shortcut menu, or right-click the tagged paragraph and click
the Tag option on the shortcut menu. (For a tag that uses a check box, you might have to
click twice—once to ill in the check box and again to remove it.)
What happens if you position the insertion point within a tagged paragraph and then
click the same tag from the Tags menu? That depends. For most tags, the result is a simple
toggle: click once to apply the tag, click again to remove it. But there’s a third option for
any tag that has a check-box symbol attached to it, such as the default To Do tag. (Because
it’s at the top of the list, it has the Ctrl+1 keyboard shortcut assigned to it.) If you click the
To Do tag or press Ctrl+1, an empty check box appears to the left of the current paragraph.
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