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Upgrading from Office 2010 Starter Edition
One of the hallmarks of Office Starter edition is the omnipresent task pane, which also
includes an advertisement. As shown in Figure 2-4, the task pane (perhaps as an
inducement to upgrade so that you can recover this bit of screen real estate) includes a link for
upgrading to a full version.
To upgrade, click here . . .
. . . or here
Figure 2-4 The link under Get More starts you along the upgrade path.
You can also initiate the upgrade process by clicking Purchase on the Home tab or by
clicking Purchase on the Info tab in Backstage view. All of these methods open a page in your
web browser (you’ll need to have an active Internet connection) where you can learn about
the various upgrade editions and pricing. From that page, follow links to purchase and
unlock the upgrade edition.
As an alternative to purchasing an upgrade online, you can purchase a product key card
from a retailer or computer manufacturer. Click any of the purchase links described above,
and then follow the instructions for entering information from the product key card you
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