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Customizing Tags
Every tag consists of four elements, each of which can be customized here:
Display name This is the name that appears on the Tags menu. It can include any
combination of letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation. For ease of use, we
recommend keeping tag names much shorter than their maximum permitted length of 200
Symbol This setting defines the small icon that appears to the left of a tagged item.
You can choose from the collection of 138 symbols shown here or click None to
create a symbol-free tag. All of the symbols in the group of three columns on the left
are check boxes that can be marked as open or completed. You cannot assign a
custom icon of your own creation.
Font color Use this optional setting to choose from one of 40 colors that will
automatically be applied to all text in a paragraph when this tag is applied to it. The
default setting is Automatic.
Highlight color Use this optional setting, with or without a custom font color, to
apply highlight formatting to all text in the tagged paragraph. The 15 color choices
match colors available via the Text Highlight Color tool on the Home tab.
When you customize an existing tag, your changes apply only to paragraphs that
you tag from that time forward. Existing instances of the tag you just modified are
not affected. If you want to sync the old tags with the new ones, you have to do so
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