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Copying Custom Tags to Another Copy of OneNote
Copying Custom Tags to Another Copy of OneNote
Any customizations you make to OneNote tags are saved in your user profile. So, if you
use more than one computer (a desktop computer in the office and a portable PC on the
road, for example), you need to expend some effort to synchronize your customized tags
between the two devices. Unfortunately, OneNote does not include an easy tool for
transferring these settings from one PC to another. Instead, you have to choose one of three
somewhat clunky options.
The first, most obvious, option is to re-create your customized tags manually. If you use
only a handful of custom tags, this option might be the simplest. If your list of custom tags
is large, the process will probably be too tedious.
An easier alternative is to copy tags one at a time from your existing OneNote notebooks
to your uncustomized copy of OneNote. When you see a tag that was created on another
PC and isn’t yet on the one you’re using now, right-click the tag symbol and choose Add To
My Tags, as shown here.
The final and most drastic alternative is to transplant the OneNote preferences file from
one computer to another. If the first computer is customized exactly as you like it and the
second computer has no special settings you want to keep, this option is appropriate.
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