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INSIDE OUT Use OneNote to keep a record of your custom tags
How do you compare the custom OneNote tags in your office PCs with the ones on
your home PC? Take a picture—or more precisely, take a screen clipping. Click the Tags
menu to display its contents, and then press Windows logo key+S. Use the Screen
Clipping tool to capture a picture of the list, and save the result in a notebook that you
can share with the new PC. If you’re willing to spend a little more time and energy,
make a list of the names of your custom tags, in order, and then apply that tag to each
entry in the list. That’s what we did to create the list that’s shown in the preceding
screen shot.
Before you try this, be sure you have up-to-date backups for all your OneNote data files
just in case something goes wrong. Be sure that OneNote is closed on both computers, and
then follow these steps to copy the customized settings from your customized PC to your
new PC:
1. On both computers, open the folder %AppData%\Microsoft\OneNote\14.0 in
Windows Explorer. (Enter this exact address, including the percent signs, and
Windows automatically expands it to the correct path within your user profile, based
on your user name.)
2. On the customized PC, copy the file Preferences.dat to a location that you can access
from the new PC—a shared network drive, Windows Live SkyDrive, or a USB lash
drive, for example.
3. On the new PC, replace the current copy of Preferences.dat with the file you copied
from your other PC.
4. Reopen OneNote, and check to be sure that your custom tags transferred correctly.
If you want to keep your settings for OneNote in sync between two PCs, you can use
Windows Live Sync or another similar solution to sync the settings files so that changes on
one PC are copied to the other. This solution isn’t officially supported.
Using Links for Quick Connections
On any OneNote page, you can create a clickable link that takes you somewhere else. Links
can lead to a file (often an Office document, although you can link to other file types as
well), to a web page, or to another location in a OneNote notebook.
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