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Creating Links to Web Pages or Files
Some links are created automatically—when you send a web page clipping to OneNote, for
example, or when you drag a file icon from Windows Explorer and drop it on a page. You
can also paste links from the Clipboard and create links manually.
Creating Links to Web Pages or Files
When you clip something from a web browser and paste it onto a page, OneNote adds a
hyperlink to the source page at the bottom of the note container.
If you prefer, you can create a link to a web page manually by using the Link dialog box. If
you want to link to existing text or a graphic, make that selection first, or click in an empty
place if you plan to add new text for the link. Then, on the Insert tab, click Link (or press
Ctrl+K, or use the Link option on the right-click shortcut menu). As Figure 16-4 shows, the
Text To Display box holds the link text, and the Address box contains the link location.
The top box is filled in automatically if you select text before creating a link. Use the
browser icon to open a browser window, locate a web page, copy its URL from the Address bar,
and then return to the Link dialog box and paste the URL into the Address box.
Figure 16-4
The folder icon, to the far right of the Address box, opens Windows Explorer, where you can
select a file from a local or shared folder and ill in the address with the file path. For more
options, skip the Link dialog box, and drag a file from Windows Explorer and drop it on the
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