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Editing and Removing Links
OneNote page. You’ll see a set of options like the ones shown here. Select the top option,
Insert A Link To The Original File, to manually create a link to the document.
For more on how to manage connections between OneNote and documents you create using
Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, see “Linking Notes to Documents and Web Pages” on page 557.
Creating Links to Other Places in OneNote
Being able to jump back and forth between locations in OneNote can be extremely useful
for staying organized, especially when you’re picky about where you store particular types
of data. For example, say your Business notebook contains two sections: a Suppliers
section, with a separate page for your notes about every supplier you do business with, and a
Complaints section, where you keep notes about your dealings with dissatisfied customers.
If a customer complains about a Tailspin Toys product they bought from your shop, you
can keep notes in both places, linking the related discussions so that you can quickly
crossreference the discussions later.
The bottom of the Link dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 16-4) lets you link a snippet of
text or a graphic to a OneNote location; just choose a notebook, section group, section, or
page from the list of OneNote locations.
If you want to create a link to a specific paragraph, use the Clipboard. Right-click the
paragraph, click Copy Link To Paragraph, and then paste that link into another page in the same
notebook or in another notebook. You can use this technique to copy a link to a single
paragraph, an entire notebook, or anything in between. If you right-click a page tab, for
example, you can choose Copy Link To Page, as in Figure 16-5.
Section and section group tabs and the notebook icons in the Navigation bar offer
corresponding options on their respective shortcut menus. Paste the copied link on any page,
and you can click it to jump directly to the linked paragraph, page, section, section group,
or notebook.
Editing and Removing Links
To remove a link completely, regardless of what location it points to, just delete the text or
graphic containing the link. If you want to leave the text or graphic intact, right-click the
link and choose Remove Link from the shortcut menu.
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