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Editing and Removing Links
Right-click a page tab (as shown here) or a notebook, section, or paragraph to copy
a link that can be pasted onto another page.
Figure 16-5
To change the display text or address of a link, right-click and choose Edit Link. That opens
the Link dialog box, where you can change a file location or web address or point to an
alternative notebook, section, or page.
Editing a OneNote link isn’t recommended. If you choose the Edit Link command for a link
that points to a paragraph elsewhere in OneNote, you’ll see a complex URL that starts with
onenote: and contains a shockingly long collection of alphanumeric characters (collectively
known as a globally unique identifier, or GUID) in a strange syntax. Editing that syntax isn’t
for the faint of heart; you’re better off deleting the current link and creating a new one
INSIDE OUT Build an instant notebook with wiki links
OneNote 2010 supports the same link-creating syntax used in several popular wiki
packages. If you enter a pair of left brackets followed by some text and a pair of right
brackets, OneNote turns the bracketed text into a link as soon as you type the second
right bracket. If the link text matches the name of an existing page or section, the link
points to that location. If no existing page or section has that name, OneNote creates a
new page in the current section. You can use this technique with a brand new notebook
to build a Table of Contents page and ill the notebook full of new blank pages with
relevant titles, all ready for you to ill in. Enter a page name in wiki syntax format, press
Enter, and repeat.
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