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Smart Search Strategies
Smart Search Strategies
By design, OneNote encourages a kind of willing suspension of organization. The
program’s breezy, casual, loosely structured interface allows you to add thoughts, save snippets
as you work, and create new pages as needed without having to worry too much about
where those pages go. You can impose order on this seeming chaos after the fact by using
OneNote’s many search tools. In this section, we explain how to search for text on a page
and how to find words and phrases across sections, within a notebook, or across every open
notebook. We also demonstrate how to pull together tagged items into a collection that
you can sort, filter, and click to review.
The Fast Search feature in OneNote 2010 is vastly improved over the corresponding
capabilities in earlier versions of OneNote. Because it uses the Windows Search index to do the
heavy lifting, performance is extremely fast, and search results appear as you type in the
search box.
Pages and sections from OneNote appear in the search results when you use the search
box on the Start menu (in Windows Vista or Windows 7), but you’ll get much better results
by searching from within OneNote. You can search on a page, within a section or section
group, within a single notebook, or across all open notebooks.
INSIDE OUT Setting up search in Windows XP
OneNote’s Fast Search is enabled by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7, which
include Windows Search as a feature of the operating system. If you’re using Windows
XP, you have to jump through one extra hoop, downloading and installing the optional
Windows Desktop Search add-on. To get started, click File, then click Options, and then
click Install Instant Search from near the bottom of the Display tab.
Searching on a Page
To find a word or phrase on a page, press Ctrl+F, and then begin entering search terms in
the search box just above the current page, to the far right of the section tabs. Every match
is highlighted in yellow on the page itself. To the left of the search box is a yellow results list
that displays the number of matches; click the up and down arrows to scroll through search
results on the page (or use the keyboard shortcuts F3 and Shift+F3).
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