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Smart Search Strategies
OneNote treats each word you enter as a distinct search term and treats spaces as a logical
AND (in other words, all terms must be present on a page to produce a match). Figure 16-6
shows a keyword search that includes results for four words.
OneNote’s Fast Search finds any page that contains all of the words you enter in the
search box above the page, to the right of the section tabs.
Figure 16-6
OneNote understands a limited set of Boolean operators to do more complex searches. You
can use the operators AND and OR (the capital letters are required) to restrict your search.
Our testing with other common Boolean operators, including NOT and NEAR, confirms that
they are not supported in OneNote searches.
Place quotation marks around search terms to restrict the results to a specific phrase. In
the previous figure, for example, you could enter “love is blind” (with quotation marks
included) to return only the text that includes that exact phrase.
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