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Upgrading from an Earlier Office Version
INSIDE OUT Enter your product key to upgrade a trial edition
If you have a product key card and a trial version of a full Office 2010 edition is already
installed on your new computer, you can enter your product key without starting
Office. In Control Panel, open Programs And Features, and then select Microsoft Office
2010 in the list of installed programs. Click Change, select Enter A Product Key, and
then click Next.
Upgrading from an Earlier Office Version
If you have an earlier version of Office on your computer, you probably want to upgrade
it to Office 2010 as part of the installation process. However, you might prefer to keep the
older version in addition to Office 2010—at least until you become familiar with the newer
version. Or you might need to keep an earlier version handy for compatibility testing.
Outlook 2010 and SharePoint Workspace (the successor to Microsoft Office Groove
2007) can’t coexist with earlier versions of these programs. Therefore, if you choose to
include one or both of these programs in your installation, you won’t have the option
to preserve the old version of that program; it’s replaced by the Office 2010 version.
With a Click-to-Run installation, keeping an old version is easy. Because Click-to-Run is
designed, in part, to be a showcase for trial editions of Office, it leaves your old programs
in place. You’ll find both old and new versions on your Start menu, and you can run either
version—or both simultaneously if you’re so inclined.
When you install from a boxed copy or a downloaded installation file, the default action is
to replace old program versions with the Office 2010 version. If you want to keep some or
all of the older programs installed, you must choose a custom installation by clicking
Customize in the setup dialog box similar to the one shown earlier in Figure 2-1. The
customization dialog box, similar to the one shown in Figure 2-2, has an additional tab that’s not
present when no previous Office version is detected: Upgrade. See Figure 2-5.
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