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Searching by Section or Notebook
Searching by Section or Notebook
To expand your search so that it includes more than the current page, click in the search
box (or press Ctrl+E to position the insertion point there) and begin entering search terms.
As you type, results appear instantly in a list just below the search box. Figure 16-7 shows
the results when we begin typing shake .
If the search term matches the title of a page, section, section group, or notebook,
that match is highlighted in this results list.
Figure 16-7
Some salient characteristics of OneNote’s Fast Search are worth noting, especially if you’re
accustomed to using search in other contexts. For starters, search works only on open
notebooks. If you can’t see a notebook in the Navigation bar, you can’t search its contents.
Search results are grouped, with the pages or sections you’ve used most recently at the
top, followed by results containing the search term in a page or section name, and then by
results where the search term appears in the body of a page. At the bottom of the list are
pages from the recycle bins for all open notebooks. These groupings cannot be modified.
Search terms are not case-sensitive. You can enter terms using any mix of uppercase and
lowercase letters, and the results will be the same. Enclose your search term in quotation
marks to search for a phrase, and place AND (in all caps) between two terms to return only
pages and sections that include both terms.
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