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Searching by Section or Notebook
If the results aren’t what you expected, you can change the scope of the search, increasing
or decreasing the amount of ground that OneNote covers while looking for your search
terms. If you haven’t yet begun your search, click the arrow at the right of the search box to
display the list shown here.
If you’re viewing results for a current search and want to expand or restrict the scope of the
search, click the link at the top of the results box and then choose a new search scope.
The default scope is Search All Notebooks. To choose a more restrictive setting as the
default, choose the search scope you prefer, and then click Set This Scope As Default at the
bottom of the list.
When you click a page in the results list, the corresponding notebook, section, or page
appears in the OneNote contents pane, allowing you to preview its contents. The results list
remains visible if you look but don’t click, so you can select another entry from the results
list (or use the Up and Down Arrow keys to move through the list) and continue previewing
search results. As soon as you click within a page or use the scroll bars to go beyond the
preview, however, the results list disappears. (To close the results list immediately, click the X
to the right of the search box or press Escape.)
That now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t behavior on the part of the results list can be
annoying if you have a lengthy list of search results that you want to examine in detail. The
solution? Click the Open Search Results Pane link at the bottom of the results list (or press
the keyboard shortcut Alt+O). Doing so opens an alternative view of the search results in
a pane on the right side of the OneNote program window. Figure 16-8 shows the Search
Results pane in action.
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