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Searching by Section or Notebook
The Search Results pane remains visible while you click through its results.
Figure 16-8
The bold type at the top of the Search Results pane shows the current search term. From
this pane, you can do the following:
Change the search scope You can restrict the scope by section, by section group,
or by notebook.
Change the sort field Instead of the default order, which shows results in reverse
order by the date they were last modified, you can choose to sort by section or by
title, in alphabetical order.
Change sort order Click the button to the right of the sort field to toggle between
ascending and descending order for the results list.
One thing you can’t do with the Search Results pane is change the search term. For that,
you have to enter a new search term in the search box (which is pushed to the left by the
appearance of the Search Results pane) and then click Open Search Results Pane at the
bottom of that new results list.
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