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Reviewing Recently Modified Pages
You can adjust the width of the Search Results pane by dragging its inner edge in either
direction. You can also click and drag the title to move the pane to the left side of the
OneNote program window, or drag it free of its docked position so that it floats over the
page. (If you have a multiple-monitor setup, try dragging the Search Results pane to your
secondary monitor, where you can use it to select pages and view them on your primary
monitor without any visual distractions.)
INSIDE OUT Make searches easier by using your own keywords
Although tags are a useful way to associate a note with a project, they’re not the only
trick available to you. If you’re working on multiple projects and you want a quick way
to locate all the pages associated with one of those projects, here’s a trick that takes
advantage of OneNote’s search skills. For every page associated with a particular
project, embed a unique keyword or code associated only with that project. Be sure you
pick a term that you are unlikely to ever use in any other context. (If you’re working on
your company’s annual report for 2011, try a code like ARX2011.) By searching for that
unique marker, you can find related pages quickly with just a simple search.
You can switch between searching on the current page and searching in the currently
defined search scope at any time by pressing Ctrl+F or Ctrl+E.
Reviewing Recently Modified Pages
Do you use OneNote only on your personal PC, with no shared notebooks? If so, you might
miss one of OneNote’s most useful search tricks. The Recent Edits menu offers access to a
handful of time-based, saved searches that you can use to review the pages you’ve worked
on in recent days, weeks, or months. Confusingly, it’s placed on the Share tab, in the Shared
Notebooks group. Don’t be misled by the location—the choices on the Recent Edits menu
let you filter even your personal, locally stored notebooks so that you see only pages that
have been recently created or modified. Figure 16-9 shows the contents of a single section
filtered to show only pages that were changed yesterday.
The results of the preconigured searches on the Recent Edits menu show up in the Search
Results pane, where you can change their scope and adjust the sort field and sort order.
For more details on the other options in this group, including the Find By Author menu, see
“Sharing and Synchronizing Notebooks” on page 561.
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